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Dan &Patti Hunt

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In August of 2012 Dan and Patti’s story changed dramatically. Before that fateful day in August they lived a fairly normal life Patti a high school science teacher and Dan running his own production business. They had just married a year before and had five kids between them, three of them planning weddings within the next two years. Life was a often a struggle financially but they were paying the bills. Then on a hot summer evening in August Dan became very ill and as the symptoms continued to worsen and they were off to the emergency room. That day in the emergency room it was discovered, Dan had a mild heart attack, diabetes, West Nile Virus and Meningitis. From that moment forward their lives were changed. Dan spent the next year fighting for his life, in and out of hospitals and rehabs. once he was on the road to recovery the couple turned to network marketing, eventually building a following of over 100,000 members. Their passion to help others “be prepared” so they don’t find themselves in the same financial situation the Hunt’s did, has led them to the development of “The Law of Attraction” Documentary (currently in production), and the creation of a “hands on” Law Of Attraction course to help people live there passion. Dan and Patti now reside in Las Vegas where they have acquired a sound stage and production facility, they plan to follow their passion and create film and television projects with positive and forward thinking messaging.
Dan &Patti Hunt

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